The agency provides services related to:

√ Increase awareness and capacity of all stakeholders at local level (local and regional authorities, businesses, NGOs, media, students, citizens, consumers) for efficient use of energy and responsible energy consumption
√ Contribution to climate change and environmental protection through mobilizing the necessary resources to effectively develop and implement policies
√ Surveys and studies on the ecological potential and tools for effective governance – Via Pontica, Natura 2000, rural development, etc.
√ Direct communication through information campaigns, round tables – discussions, workshops, conferences aimed at raising awareness of local communities and local stakeholders

Among successfully implemented projects and products are:

* Developed Action Plan, part of the SEAP Dobrich Municipality
* Inventory of basic issues in the development of SEAP for Dobrich Municipality – collecting and analyzing data, setting targets for development
* Development of SEAP for Burgas Municipality – collecting and processing databases, setting targets for development action plan
* Study of the potential for renewable energy in North Region
* Feasibility study for building features, collection and analysis of data, prescriptions for sanitation in selected municipalities Black
* Transfer of technology and know-how to achieve high energy efficiency and environmental indicators in the implementation of projects and analysis of the current situation and the multiplication of activities
* Database energy performance of municipal buildings in the municipalities of Dobrich, Kavarna and Balchik
* Reports Inventory baseline emissions in municipal buildings in the municipalities of the Northeast region
* Energy audits of municipal buildings in the municipalities of Dobrich and Balchik

Strategic objectives of the Agency:

♦ Expanding and enhancing public awareness of the role and importance of effective energy management and citizens participation
♦ Study and dissemination of Bulgarian and foreign experience in the field of energy management
♦ Improve public awareness related to Efficient Energy Management and capacity of all stakeholders in society (local and regional authorities, business, media, NGOs, citizens and consumers)