The agency provides services related to:

√ Implementation of initiatives in the field of innovation, entrepreneurship and energy management
√ Raising awareness and capacity of all stakeholders at local level (local and regional authorities, business enterprises, NGOs, media, students, citizens, consumers) for energy efficiency and responsible energy consumption
√ Contribute to climate change and environmental protection by mobilizing the necessary resources for effective policy development and implementation
√ Development of strategies and programs for solving local and regional problems, such as: sustainable local development, ecological development, economy, public-private partnerships, protection and development of the territory
√ Direct communication through information campaigns, round tables – discussions, workshops, conferences aimed at raising awareness of local communities and local stakeholders

Among successfully implemented projects and products are:

* Developed Action Plan, part of the SEAP Dobrich Municipality
* Inventory of basic issues in the development of SEAP for Dobrich Municipality – collecting and analyzing data, setting targets for development
* Development of SEAP for Burgas Municipality – collecting and processing databases, setting targets for development action plan
* Study of the potential for renewable energy in North Region
* Feasibility study for building features, collection and analysis of data, prescriptions for sanitation in selected municipalities Black
* Transfer of technology and know-how to achieve high energy efficiency and environmental indicators in the implementation of projects and analysis of the current situation and the multiplication of activities
* Database energy performance of municipal buildings in the municipalities of Dobrich, Kavarna and Balchik
* Reports Inventory baseline emissions in municipal buildings in the municipalities of the Northeast region
* Energy audits of municipal buildings in the municipalities of Dobrich and Balchik

Strategic objectives of the Agency:

♦ Expanding and enhancing public awareness of the role and importance of effective energy management and citizens participation
♦ Study and dissemination of Bulgarian and foreign experience in the field of energy management

DLAEM may accept, form and administer trust funds in BGN and foreign currency, in order to finance programs, projects and events of its members. The funds may be provided by state and / or private legal or natural persons from the country and abroad.